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Do you suffer from neck pain or shoulder pain ?

There is a solution and it’s absolutely FREE! 😍



Go to

Create an Affiliate Account with:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your payment email address (Paypal)

Let’s say you wan to promote this Knee Compression Pad :

1) Copy the link of the product

2) Go to your Affiliate Area, under “Affiliate URLs” tab

3) Paste the product link in “Page URL” and click “Generate URL” button

4) In “Referral URL”, your affiliate link for the product to promote is generated.


5) Share this link and promote our product on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube… and start earning money for each sale (20% commission)!

You earn 20% commission on each sale. ($20 for a purchase of $100 for example)

There is absolutely no limit!

The more people click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, the more money you make.

We pay our affiliates everyday via Paypal.

You can see the status of your payments under the “Paypal Money Transfer” in your Affiliate Area.

Currently, we only use Paypal as a payment method.

You can track the sales and the commissions earned, under the “Statistics” tab, in your Affiliate Area.

When an affiliate (you) promotes a product they use a referral URL which typically looks like this: PRODUCT NAME/ref/YOUR AFFILIATE ID/

When a customer clicks this link and lands on the shop, the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, within the customer’s browser. If the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate that the customer is tracking is awarded commission on the sale.

Is the affiliate tracked across all pages of the site?

Absolutely! Since the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site. 

How long does the tracking cookie stay in the customer’s browser?

It stays for 7 days.

That means if a customers clicks on your link on Monday, and make the purchase on Friday, you will still get a commission.

Note, a user may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate will no longer be tracked.

You can share your affiliate link in many ways :

  • in your Instagram bio
  • in your Instgram story with a swipe up
  • in your Youtube video description
  • to your email list
  • to your friends and family

Your affiliate link is valid for life, and will continue to generate commissions for you when people click and purchase.

You can create an affiliate link for any product on

Affiliate : you are the affiliate, the person who earns money for each sale made with your affiliate link

Affiliate ID : number to identify each affiliate

Affiliate link : link to the shop, containing your affiliate ID. You earn money for each sale made through your affiliate link

Commission : amount of money you earn for each sale (20%)

Conversion rate : percentage of person who clicked your affiliate link and make a purchase

Payouts : Paypal payments of your commissions

Referral : person who make a purchase with your affiliate link